A Tasting Treat at Clos Malverne

on Tue 31 Jan

After three days staying with friends we get back on the Wine Trail.

We are at Clos Malverne to meet with Suzanne and decide which wines to add to our shipment. Today we had a Tasting Treat a ‘Wine and Ice Cream Pairing Menu’ WOW this was something special and I will try and replicate on our return.

The harvest has just started here and the first picking of Sauvignon Blanc has been completed and is now fermenting in the winery. They will pick the rest of the grapes on two different occasions as they fully ripen, all are stored in separate tanks until ready for bottling. It is the Winemakers job at this stage to decide what mix of these three picking will give the best wine to drink.

Order placed and on to our next destination.

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