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on Sun 14 Jun


It is always a little sad when our summer trip to the Continent is over.

What have we learnt?

Well having been interested in wine for many years, it is like so many things the more you learn you just realise how much you don’t know!

Here are a few of the little gems we have learnt on this year’s trip.

  • Chateau de Sours – Have decided to invest in ‘State of Art’ technology to pick their grapes and they are pleased to report the results are very positive and compare favourably to hand picking.
  • Chateau de la tour Chollet – Are striving to be 100% organic which is very difficult if your vines suddenly are covered with pests. One solution they have found is to use a Japanese invention which means placing wires impregnated with female pheromones at regular intervals on the vines this confuses the male moths, he can’t find the ladies so he searches elsewhere.
  • Bodegas David Moreno – Are proud to make their wines in the traditional method, they told us that one of the UK’s favourite supermarket Rioja Campo Viejo wine is made 100% made with Robots!
  • Bodegas Urbina – Always use to seal their bottles good quality cork. They have a machine which suppresses the corks by 50% then places them in the bottles to give a perfect seal.
  • Prios Maximus – Roble is a recognised classification for one of the areas favourite wine – their neighbours in Rioja are not allowed to use this terminology for their similar wines.
  • Domaine Treloar – Opened a bottle of white 2007 La Terre Promise for us to try – who says white wine doesn’t improve with age and it was superb with cheese
  • Château Spencer du Pujade – Sebastian was charming as always, he is a great wine-maker but what we didn’t realise was that he is also an artist and designed the brilliant labels on Le P’tit Spencer range of wines.
  • Domaine Berthet-Rayne – André says there is no such thing as a bad year for wine. Each year is different and it is up to the hard work of the winemaker to make a good wine. Sometimes this might mean quality not quantity though!

PHEW over 3000 miles travelled – 16 different wineries visited. Watch out for the new wines and wineries which will soon appear on our list!

Please contact us if you would like either further information on our trip or to buy some wine.

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