Bellevue Winery

on Wed 1 Feb

Whilst here we take the opportunity to explore different Vineyards with the hope of finding new wines to add to our stock.

There are over 100 Wineries in the Stellenbosch area, so getting a recommendation is always helpful and this is how we found Bellevue Winery.

The Bellevue Wine Estate has been owned by the Morkel family since 1861. Today it is run by Dirkie Morkel who has developed the old farm into a state of the art winery growing a variety of noble cultivars and producing award winning wines. The Estate is moving forward and by the end of the season the tasting room will be renovated and a dining area will be available.

Therese and Josh met us and we tasted all wines being made at the Estate, the range was very impressive and we have decided to add their Chardonnay and Cinsault to our list.

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