Bodegas David Moreno - Sip and Spit

on Wed 7 Sep

Bodegas David Moreno – our old favourite.

As always our welcome here was very warm, we were met by Lara who now deals with Export sales and again a full tasting was on offer!

All I can say is we do sip and spit, if this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t get further than the first vineyard especially here in Rioja, as the tasting glasses are enormous and most places are offering 7 different wines.

It IS important to sample each year as there are variances from harvest to harvest. Global warming means that all areas are experiencing weather changes and this makes the job of the vigneron all the more challenging and interesting.

Here at David Moreno all grapes are sourced locally and David himself is still involved in the day to day running of this Bodegas, we enjoyed our tasting and soon will be fully stocked again of this lovely wine in the UK.

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