Bodegas Samieras

on Mon 18 Sep

Bodegas Samieras

We have stocked Samieras 1040 for several years but never had the opportunity to visit the Vineyard or meet Antonio the vigneron.

So, Sat Nav set, off we go - if only it was that easy we had one of those times where we just went around in ever decreasing circles, then when travelling through a small village we noticed a sign on a door and bingo we had found Bodegas Samieras.

A lovely young man welcomed us he was Antonio’s son, they are busy harvesting now but luckily after a phone call Antonio could join us so we could sample the wines, firstly we tasted the juice of grapes picked just days earlier at this stage the liquid is very cloudy and sweet but even now there are subtle differences to each varietal they certainly have their own character.

Onto tasting the actual wines, firstly we try 1040 it is a very elegant wine and the vintage we try today is as lovely as always. We also sample another wine this is just called Samieras Blanco again a mixture of grapes traditional for this area, we decide to add this wine to our list.

Samieras is a very small vineyard and the whole wine making process is completed in the garage at the side of their house still very professional but very compact!

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