Bodegas Urbina

on Wed 7 Sep

Bodegas Urbina is a family run vineyard with two generations of the family still very involved in the day to day running. We met Pedro for the tasting today he, his brother and father all live, work here running the daily chores and the third brother is a Professor in Oenology in Milan and he visits regularly especially at harvest time to test the grapes to see when they are at their best to be picked.

We spent a very interesting and informative hour in the tasting room sampling all the wines on offer.  In the past year a new range has been launched called Salva this wine is a project for the new generation at Urbina they are striving to make wines in their own style not forgetting the traditional values but adding new technology to the process, the name itself is in memory of their Grandfather Salvador, after tasting the Crianza and Reserva we are adding the Reserva to our range.


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