Château de la Tour Chollett

on Sun 24 Sep

Château de la Tour Chollett

Sunday morning and we drop in to see Kirsty and Paul, all is calm here today as their white grapes have all been harvested and the red ones are hanging on the wines awaiting picking. Tuesday is the planned day to commence, firstly Merlot folled by Cabernet Franc and then after a couple of weeks the Cabernet Sauvignon should be ready.

Again we hear the same story reference 2017 vintage, due to the unusual weather this year, it is reported that in the Bordeaux Region yields could be 80% down on previous years. Paul however is hopeful that they haven't been hit this hard but won't know until the grapes have been harvested and then they will know the actual tonnage picked.

When it comes to blending each year's wine, the chef's hat must be put on , you will find the mix of grapes will vary from year to year and this when the skill of the wine maker comes into play. Paul and Kirsty do this here with a little help from their wine consultant Florent.

This year for the first time they have sold Chollet wine to the Japanese. Asia is becoming an importantmarket for wine growers in Europe.

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