Chateau de Sours

Florence & Torq in the tasting room at de Sours
on Fri 29 May

Today our journey has taken us to Château de Sours in the Bordeaux Region. Florence who is the Export Manager showed us around this beautiful modern vineyard, which is staffed solely by local workers and owned by Martin Krajewski.

The majority of wines made here are exported world wide and we are glad to stock their Sparkling Rose. 

We learnt that although the majority of the work on the vines is carried out by hand the actual picking of the grapes is now done by a newly purchased harvester, which not only cuts down the time to harvest but picks and sorts the grapes more efficiently than hand picking.

The high demand for De Sours abroad means they have to offer both cork and screw top bottles.

Please read my previous blog on this subject - I am doing a survey on this trip as to how often we are served a screw cap wine!

So far 100% cork!

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