Château l’Argentier

on Sun 10 Sep

Château l’Argentier

Our last visit today is further south again a small producer near Montpellier they are still in the Languedoc region.

We normally see Brice here but he was not available today as he and his wife had just had their second baby, so now with two children under 2 Sundays are a family day.

However as always we were given a warm welcome by Elisabeth and Franscois Jourdan who are the owners of the vineyard, here like most of our suppliers this is a family run business and their daughter who is very talented in handicrafts is selling beautiful handbags and necklaces in the tasting room.

We buy two wines from here a red which is a mix of three red grapes a very easy drinking red for all occasions and pairs well with winter casseroles, the other wine is a rosé the grape used for this is Aramon traditional to this area but only grown now by the Jourdans, in the past it was used in red wine but not well regarded however as a Rose it is delicious.

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