Chateau Rouquette sur Mer - a special place!

on Mon 19 Sep

Chateau Rouquette sur Mer

After a lovely relaxing weekend we drive towards the sea where we call in on Chateau Rouquette sur Mer.

We have an appointment with Jacques and Francois (the father and son team here) Rouquette in the La Clape region of Languedoc, is one of the largest Chateau’s we buy from, in total the estate covers 420 hectares but only 50 hectares are planted with vines.

The most exciting aspect about this area is the different types of maritime soil. There are parcels of the same varietal grape growing on hard limestone and rounded stones in a tertiary red sandy loam which slope gently towards the Mediterranean. With such a great choice of soils available to plant grapes, it is difficult to decide where to plant each type, the aim is to give the vigneron a great palette to blend a wide range of aromatic wines.

The Estate is also steeped in history, 600 hundred years ago La Clape the area was an island off the coast of France and more recently it was occupied by the Germans in the Second World War and unfortunately when they fled they burnt the original Chateau down leaving a ruin in the centre of the estate the Family would love to renovate this ruin but planning won’t allow an economic solution to the reconstruction of the buildings.

We are the only Company in the UK to be offering wines from this very special vineyard so contact us direct for more information.

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