Château Viella

on Fri 22 Sep

Château Viella

Château Viella can be found in the village of Viella this is a beautiful area of rural France this year we are staying in the village in a B&B run by a lovely English lady.

Before we relax we call in at the Château and are greeted by Clair who is the owner’s daughter, she and her sister have just joined the team, her English is brilliant which of course makes our visit here much easier. We have arrived too late for their Concert evenings which is such a shame as the event takes place in the grounds of the Château with music food and a chance to sample the lovely wines from here-   

Harvest hasn’t started yet but they plan to begin picking the coming week, we stock one of their red wines which contains the unusual grape Tannat, only grown in this area of France and it is reported that due to the anti-oxidant properties of this grape play an essential part of protecting against cardio-vascular disease!

Our biggest seller from here is the dessert wines, Louise d’Anne which pairs beautifully with tarte au citron and Vinosolis try this on Christmas day with your pudding – delicious.

We have stocked up on both wines in readiness for the festive season.

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