Chateau Viella Madiran Gascogne

on Tue 6 Sep

First thing Tuesday morning we leave the Lot continuing our trip to Chateau Viella in Gascogne region, a long drive through Rural France travelling along ‘D’ roads passing beautiful countryside and winding our way between fields of sun flowers.

Viella is a quiet village surrounded by Vineyards, the unusual grape grown here is tannat, there is scientific evidence that drinking two small glasses of Madiran wine containing this grape can play an essential role in protecting against cardio-vascular disease - what a good reason to drink wine from this area!

We were greeted by Alain and his wife the owners of this Chateau and spent a pleasant hour tasting their range of wines.

Carte du Vin already stock ‘Prestige’, a Dessert Wine and we have taken today for the first time a fortified wine called Solis, which contains 100% Tannat and made in a very different way - see the picture attached - they keep the wine in these large flagons for up to one year to mature naturally outside with the changes in climate to help the process, then it is taken to the cellar and put into oak barrels for two years before finally bottling.

Bottles all loaded and off we go to Rioja Spain!

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