Domaine de Grangeneuve

on Thu 11 Jun

Another day – another winery.

I must admit after 13 days visiting wineries we felt a little tired at the start of today but the visit to Grangeneuve revitalised us!

It is a beautiful property and at this time of the year the vistas are alive with a purple hue as the lavender fields are in full bloom. This not only makes for picture post card views but the aromas from the lavender and other herbs add subtle different flavours to the wines here at the Northern end of the Southern Rhône.

The area has its own special climate, this is where the Valley opens out onto the plains of the Rhône, the Mistral wind funnels down the Valley blowing one day in every three at speeds over 100k per hour, so keeping the heat moderated and the vines from getting stressed.

Two new wines taken from here and we have stocked up with others from our list.

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