Domaine du Murinais – Crozes Hermitage

on Sat 9 Sep

Domaine du Murinais – Crozes Hermitage

Saturday and it is raining no problem as we need to head south to visit a new Domaine in the Northern Cotes du Rhone.

Crozes Hermitage is now a popular choice of wine in the UK but 20 years ago things were different there was little call for wines from this area. Luc joined the family business in 1998 at this time his father was specialising in soft fruits and although there were 17 hectares of grapes these were picked and sent direct to the Co-operative. Luc however saw an opportunity to make a quality wine from the excellent vines that were growing here.

He set out to learn the wine making trade by visiting various vineyards in Burgundy and Southern Rhone, returning to the Domaine with excellent blending skills.

Today the winery makes 65,000 bottles of wine a year, an elegant white which is a 50/50 mix of Roussanne and Marsanne grapes and three different reds made from the traditional Crozes Hermitage grape varietal Syrah, these wines differ in quality which is decided by the age of the vines and terroir.

We are going to stock Crozes Hermitage Blanc – Cuvee Marine and Crozes Hermitage Rouge – Vielles Vignes they will be ready for sale by mid October.

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