Domaine Treloar

on Thu 14 Sep

Domaine Treloar

Thursday we have been invited to join Jonathan & Rachel at Domaine Treloar for lunch, they have both been up since first thing as harvest is in full swing here. By the time we arrive they will have picked several tons of grapes transported them back to the vineyard where they are de-stemmed and put into tanks to start fermentation.

At present there are 12 hectares being harvested but it has been decided to clear 2 plots as the vines have contacted a virus, so need to be destroyed and then they will let the land rest for a couple of years before replanting.

This is one of the first wines we started stocking and we have stayed at the Vineyard several times, It is great to catch up with everyone. We enjoyed a lovely BBQ and tasted the new vintages on offer with the lunch. Wine ordered we leave Jonathan about to give a tour of the vineyard to two groups, as we have said before the life on a vineyard is not easy and especially at this time of year there is little time for rest.

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