J.L Denois Artisan Vigneron

on Fri 15 Sep
  1. J.L Denois Artisan Vigneron

We have been looking for a tradition Cremant from France as an alternative to Champagne.

After some research, we are pleased to say we have found Jean Louis Denois who originally came from Champagne and is now making his Cremant in the traditional champagnoise method. The wine we have purchased here is a mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir,

All grapes on this estate are picked by hand, carefully placed in small trays and transported to the cellar without any further disturbance, they are then put directly into the de-stemmer this means the grapes are nurtured and handled as little as possible to make sure the best quality juice is extracted to make the wine.

The Cremant from here is delicious and will soon be available on our carte, this decided on we then had the opportunity to taste further wines made by this vigneron, he is making a 100% organic and sulphite free red wine from the vineyard he acquired in 2006 in the upper Val d’Argy the grapes here are exceptional because of their low yields and superior quality, he has developed his  own unique concept in wine making which he calls “grand cru protocol”  that integrates organic growing principles and his families tradition of deep respect of the vines themselves. The wine produced is truly fresh and flavourful with no evidence of oxidation. If not drunk in one sitting it is possible to keep the bottles open for a couple of days and they will keep their stability and flavour. Can’t wait to try this wine in the UK.

Yet we are not sure if we will be stocking these sulphite free wines but we have taken 6 bottles to sample at home and who knows are next visit tom the area we may be adding these wines to our list.

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