La Chataigne - Franschhoek

on Fri 3 Feb

We leave Four Paws and cross the road to another of our favourite Wineries - La Chataigne.

As always the welcome here is very warm, Suzaan has assisted us over the years to export our wines to UK explaining and helping with all the paperwork required!

Gerda from Four Paws also makes the wine for La Chataigne, this is not unusual - the estate grow and tend the vines keeping the best grapes for their own wines and the rest of the harvest are sold to the Co-operative. The Vineyard then employ a winemaker to make and blend the wine for their.

It has been a busy year and they have sold out of several wines but we luckily we have been able to replenish our stock so these beautiful wines with their very unusual bottles will still be available in the UK

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