La Chataigne Vineyard

on Tue 23 Jan

Next we visit La Chataigne a small Boutique Vineyard on the outskirts of Franschhoek.

The farm was obtained by Richard and Julie in 1972 when they re-located from Sweden. They only bottle a fraction of the grapes under the La Chataigne name (the best are kept for the brand). Wines here are of the highest quality and Richard himself signs all the bottles as no labels are used!

Suzann meets us at the farm Office we know her well now from our previous trips, great news is that she is pregnant and will be leaving on Maternity leave in the next few weeks. We wish Suzann and her husband Lawrence (who is from the UK and his family live just 30 minutes from us) all the best with the new arrival and can’t wait to meet the baby next year.

We leave with new vintages to try.

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