Noble Hill Winery Simondium

on Thu 2 Feb

We travel out of Franschhoek and move onto Simondium to visit Kristopher at Noble Hill Wine Estate.

The Winery was one of the first estates we imported wines from and this is our fifth visit here.

The harvesting of grapes is in full swing and we were shown round the winery to see exactly what happens to the grapes once they arrive from the fields. Noble Hill as a brand is growing and to facilitate this growth they are in the process of building a new store, it is nearly completed and we see grapes which have been harvested earlier that day in the new refrigeration room.

We also tasted juice direct from the tanks and the little gem learnt today was to put the glass with this juice to your ear and if it is still fermenting you will hear a slight fizz!

Order placed we had the most delicious lunch in the Cosecha Restaurant which is definitely a place to visit if ever in the area.

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