Star Hill Winery

on Thu 1 Feb

Star Hill Winery is situated on the famous Route 62 wine trail. They were created by Grant Hatch and Christopher Palmer Tomkinson who sought to find a high-altitude site to fulfil a passionate belief in producing great wines at altitude.

The Estate grows mainly fruit which is sold worldwide but 16 hectares are planted with grapes, they make one red wine Shiraz, two whites Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc and a Rose from the shiraz grape. The soils of the Tradouw Highlands are a well-drained from an ancient wetland, Temperatures in summer can reach 30°C at midday and just as they rise into early afternoon, cool winds drop over the mountain with moist sea air and cover the mountains with a blanket of white cloud. The wind cools the plains making the area perfect for growing grapes.

We have their Shiraz on our list and may add the whites and rose. Watch this space!

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