Stony Brook Winery - Franschhoek

on Thu 21 Jan

Enough relaxing!

One of our aims on this years trips is to find some new wines to bring back to the UK

So today we have visited a new vineyard to carte-du-vin.

Stony Brook Vineyards is a small family-run wine farm in beautiful Franschhoek. It concentrates on producing top quality wines that reflect the unique micro climate of this southern-most corner of Franschhoek.

We met Joy McNaught who with her husband founded Stony Brook to satisfy their love of quality wines. This boutique wine farm produces many different wines in relatively small quantities in an environmentally-friendly manner to minimize their carbon footprint. They were joined by their son, Craig, in 2011 who has taken over the wine making duties.

We have taken several bottles from here to try during our stay here and will make decisions later in the week as to whether we stock some of their wines.


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