The end of a great trip

on Sat 24 Sep

WOW what a trip

Three weeks gone is a flash. 3500 miles travelled, 15 vineyards visited and over 1,500 bottles purchased and on their way to the UK.

A big thank you to all the producers we have visited for their warm welcome and making time to update us with news of developments on their vineyards over the past year.  September is a good time for us to visit but it is a busy time for the vignerons as the Harvest has either started or about to. For us, this made our trip all the more interesting seeing the grapes being picked from the vines and was also very satisfying.

We have tasted some delicious wines and are pleased to say we have added one new vineyard to our list, Domaine Sicard from the Minervois region.  Their new wines will also be added to the carte.

Most of all, we have returned refreshed and even more passionate about drinking good quality wine.  These weeks have proved to us that production of a good wine takes time and great expertise and we have seen vines which are over 100 years old.  If these have been nurtured over the years, they produce grapes of exceptional quality.  The yields will be low so these are kept to make the top wines. All the vineyards we visited are planting new parcels of vines but these will not produce grapes good enough to make wine for at least three years. So they are looking to the future and hopefully in 100 years will be continuing the production of wines of character.

Many red wines and some white spend time in barrels and this delays the time from vineyard to shop counter which means that the producer has to invest time and money until they get the fruits of their labour! For us to be able to drink good wines does therefore mean spending a little more money. This is because a producer will only clear 1 pence from a £5 bottle of wine after taxes and overheads. So a little more spending at our end will enable good wines to be produced and enjoyed.

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