Via Artxenta - Phone a Friend!

on Fri 9 Sep

We left Rioja and now have travelled a further 300 miles to the Spanish Region of Galicia.

Carte-du-vin has stocked wines from this area for a while, today we visit a relatively new addition to our range from a producer in Monterrei this is a very small wine growing region on the border with Portugal.

Via Arxentea make just two wines a white which contains a 50/50 split of Treixadura & Godello and their red is 100% Mencia. We have presented this white wine just once and completely sold out of our initial stock so we were very keen to visit Manuel the vigneron. Thank goodness small is beautiful as this vineyard is very compact! situated in a rural hamlet off the A52 in a garage where they have a small bottling plant, tanks and an area to store the bottles. The vineyard itself is 12 hectares and the parcels of grapes are across the road from the store through their vegetable plant.

We had one problem here – we speak no Spanish and Manuel speaks no English so making ourselves understood was a challenge but after a lot of gesticulating Manuel ‘Phoned a Friend’ who could speak a little English and we came away with cases of Red and White wine.

Days like this make this job so much fun we end up in places well off the tourist route meet lovely people and taste delicious wine -  win win situation.

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