Visit to Doolhof Winery

on Sun 22 Jan

Doolhof Winery is an Artisan vineyard on the outskirts of Wellington we are stocking their Malbec and are taking the opportunity to visit whilst in the area.

The Vineyard is 50 hectares, produces 12 different varietals and owned by a British couple who not only bought the winery but a property which has now been developed into a Boutique Hotel and is run by Angelo and Tina who are very proud to say for the second year they have received the award of Best Boutique Hotel in South Africa.

Torq and I visit the Winery to meet Johan where we taste this year’s wines in the Tasting room then off in his 4X4 for a trip around the vines, it is amazing that even after working in the wine trade for several years it is still very interested having a trip around a vineyard. Although there are many similarities there is always more to learn about the intricacies of wine making, the gem we picked up from Johan was here they use modern technology, a drone circles the property and gives a reading of the soil temperature in each area so then the winemaker can see which vines are best suited to each parcel.

Now, we only stock one wine from Doolhof but we hope that in the future we will be able to offer a fuller selection from here.

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