Domaine Grangette

Marian on Tue 12 Sep

Domaine Grangette

Today we have been joined by friends from home, no rest though we are visiting two vineyards today.

The first visit is to Domaine Grangette where we buy our Picpoul de Pinet, we have stocked this wine for 6 years and its popularity in the UK grows all the time.


Domaine Grangette

Marian on Tue 20 Sep

Domaine Grangette – Picpoul de Pinet

Grangette is situated in the northern region of Languedoc and is where we purchase one of our most popular white wines Picpoul de Pinet. The welcome here is always very warm this is the fifth year we have visited this small family owned vineyard.


Domaine la Grangette

Marian Jack on Tue 9 Jun

First stop Domaine la Grangette

Today 3 visits & 3 different regions!

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