Christmas Tasting 8th December 2017

Our 2nd tasting for the Festive Season was a full house and great fun below is a list of wines sampled and food pairings

David Moreno-Rosado-2016

Pierre Brigandat-Champagne - Canapés

La Tour-de-Chollet-Blanc-sec-2015 - Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup

Nabygelegen-Scaramanga-White - Prawn Cocktail

Chateau l'Argentier-Grës de Montpellier - Mushroom parcels

Nabygelegen-Steen-2014 - Christmas Dinner

Chateau Rouquette-Clos-de-la-Tour - Christmas Dinner

Clos Malverne-Auret - Cheese & Biscuits

Chateau Viella-Louise d'Anne - Christmas Pudding

Chateau Viella-Vinosolis - Christmas Pudding

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