On several occassions we are asked to do a private wine tasting. 29 November was one of these events. Below is a list of wines sampled and food pairings offered. If you are interested in having a tasting for some friends fill out our 'Contact Us' forms.

1. Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc - Strawberry & elderflower Amuse Bouche

2. Lynx Wines Blanc de Noir - Goats cheese & fresh mushroom crostini

3. Arendsig Wines Sauvignon Blanc - Poached salmon salad

4. La tour de Chollet - Cuvee Prestige - Creamy bacon & Roquefort pasta

5. Lynx Wines Cabernet Sauvignon - Roast beff & Yorkshire Pudding.

6. Clos Malverne Le Cafe Pinotage - Sticky toffee pudding.

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