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  • Wine regions of France

1 - France

Our French range are sourced from Languedoc Roussillon (Roussillon, Minervois, La Clape, Montpellier, Corbières)  Southern Côtes du Rhône (Cairanne), Bourgogne (Pouilly Fuissé & Givry), Gascony (Maderine), Bordeaux (Chateau La tour de Chollet) and fizz from Champagne & Bordeaux


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Pierre Brigandat & Fils - The Brut Tradition offers a mineral freshness and lemony, aerial and stony sensation which makes it an essential companion iodine food, but refined character.

  • Domaine Bourdon
  • Domaine Masse


Domaine Bourdon - Located in the hamlet of Pouilly Fuissé Between the villages of and Vergisson, our wine-producing estate uses only the grape variety chardonnay exclusively to produce Southern white Mâcon wines.

Domaine MasseCreated at the end of the 19th century, the area is 10.50 hectares operated by the brother and nephew of manager of the Hospices de Beaune. We cultivate vines in the traditional way (plowing, rational treatment, very short stature and very rigorous budding, green harvesting if necessary). The harvest is done manually with sort of grapes.

  • Domaine Berthet-Rayne
  • Domaine de Grangeneuve

Southern Côtes du Rhône

Domaine Berthet-Rayne - Berthet-Rayne's Domain, passion for wine has been passed from father to son for four generations. It is André who continues the work with the same passion as his ancestors, he operates 22 hectares on this homestead, so continueing the tradition.

Domaine de Grangeneuve - This Domaine's geographic and climatic situation in the heart of the Rhône valley, is a major advantage that give the wines the comination of elegance of the North and the Fruity and sunny charm of the South. Run since early 60's by the Bour family, today the children and grand children of the founders continue working with the same search of quality without any concessions.


  • Domaine Treloar
  • Domaine la Grangette

Languedoc - Roussillon

Domaine Treloar - Jonathan and Rachel Treloar own and run this small, highly-regarded vineyard and winery in the Roussillon, France's most exciting wine region.

Domaine la Grangette - Located on an exceptional soil made with a set of limestone grounds, coming from marl and sandstone "garrigues",and grounds made of conglomerates of medium to strong stones. The Domaine has the high advantage of being under two influences :south orientation and sea neighbourhood.


Chateau Spencer - Nestling in the middle of a sweeping 35-hectare circle, this estate, whose name, Castle Spencer Pujade, already has a worldwide reputation, draws energy from its clay-limestone soils and very favourable microclimate.

  • Domaine des Homs


Domaine des Homs - At the heart of the Minervois wine renowned terroir, Domaine des Homs is located on the site of a Roman farm where we already cultivated vines and olive trees. It takes its name from the presence on the land of very old elms, now extinct. 



  • Château l'Argentier


Château l'Argentier, owned by Elizabeth and Francois Jourdan, is located in the town of Sommières on the out skirts of Montpelliere

The vineyard is classified AOC "Coteaux du Languedoc". Owned by the same family since 1937, Château L'Argentier is one of the oldest wine farms in the area.  Every effort is made to produce fine wines each year, silky and with great aging potential the wines have an excellent reputation worldwide.


  • Château Rouquette sur Mer

La Clape

Château Rouquette sur Mer - The estate has been in the Boscary family for four generations Jacques took over from his Grandfather Henry Lapierre and today manages the estate with his wife Dominique and their children Francois & Arnaud.

In this exceptional environment, vines are cultivated on the basis of sustainable & rational agriculture, with close monitoring of the plots, conscious limitation of yields according to the characteristics of each area with careful selection of grape varieties.

  • Chateau de Sours
  • Chateau La Tour de Chollet


Reserve du Sours - The team of winemakeres at Chateau du Sours combine traditional 'old world' rigour and craftmanship with a blend of innovative techniques and 'new world' charm.

Chateau La Tour de Chollet - This 20 acres Vineyard is family run and owned by Paul & Kirstie Rowbotham an English couple since 2006. It is situated 25 minutes south east of St Emilion and the gentle upper slopes lead down to the river Dordogne, the vineyard has been there amny years with some vines 40 or 50 years old.

  • Chateau Viella

Madiran - Gascony

Chateau Viella - The estate is located on the border of the Gers, in the town of Viella, Alain, representing the third generation of winemakers operates 25 hectares of vineyards classified AOC Madiran and Pacherenc Vic Bihl. Castle Viella overlooks the vineyards. 

  • Wine Regions of Spain

2 - Spain

The Spanish range mainly consists of wines from Northern Spain. These include a number of whites from Galicia and reds from Ribero del Duero and Rioja. One producer from  near Manzanares in La Mancha, and now we are pleased add another vineyard from Penedès Region

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  • Bodegas David Moreno
  • Bodegas Urbina


Bodegas David Moreno - Winemaking tradition goes back to 1912, David Moreno built the current Bodegas in 1988 it has underground cellars of stone and clay walls giving their wines the best condition of temperature and humidity necessary for proper conservation and subsequent aging in the bottle

Bodegas Urbina -  is a family-owned, single estate winery with 75 Ha. of  vineyards. Since 1870 four generations have been dedicated to the cultivation of their vineyards and the production of wine whose sole objetive is the quality of its wines.

  • Bodegas de los Rios Prieto

Ribera del Duero

Bodegas de los Rios Prieto - In the coastal part of Pesquera de Duero Bodegas Los Rios born Prieto, SL., Family business dedicated to the Development and Aging Wine High Expression.  Its founder, Félix Iglesias de los Rios, innovative man, is a clear example of the passion for the land and wine. In 2000, continued the family tradition of making wine, combining the expertise of several decades with the latest technologies.




Lagar de Besada - Since their beginings, in 1988, the philosophy of this winery is 
to optimize the potential grape terroir in order to obtain high quality wines which can be tasted until 3 years after being bottled.

Viña do Avó - Cajide, is a vocational vinegrower that from old vines is recovering autoctone grapes from our land, Galicia. Even his wines are extensively awarded, the important is that when tasting them you may even feel the enthusiasm that this family puts in every bottle.

Sameirás 1040 - Antonio Cajide has the philosophy of keeping the integrity of soil and microbial activity by using only the strictly necessary treatment and preventing erosion with the necessary inputs of organic matter. This is what has made Sameirás products highly demanded and awarded worldwide. 

Ladairo Mencia - In the early's 1980s, José Luis Vaz, owner and founder of this small 
familiar winery, inherited from his parents a property located in the valley of Ladairo, the name of the winery: Adegas Ladairo. Thanks to his effort and illusion, he has turned it into a plantation of vineyards that today occupies 20 hectares, where he has been able to reflect his own exceptional personality and vision of the winemaking.

  • Pago Casa del Blanco

La Mancha

Pago Casa del Blanco - The story of this estate in Manzanares spans more than 150 years, the estate has seen many changes in this time the essence remains intact: a love of the land itself which is their key to producing quality wines.

Penedès Region

The Almiral estate comprises over 340 acres of land situated in the Penedès wine growing area. With its mosaic of different soils (mostly of a calcareous type) and microclimate, Almiral produces a graceful and sensuous wine.

The origins of Almiral cava and wine go all the way back to the 18th century. Today, more than 35 acres of southern facing vineyards are dedicated to wine growing. The property has been associated with Cava production for several decades and still houses the original wine presses.

  • Wine regions of South Africa

3 - South Africa

Our South African range of wines are all from the Western Cape with a selection from  StellenboschFranschhoek, Simonsberg-Paarl and Robertson we have now extended the range to include 2 further areas Wellington and Cape Agulhus.

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  • La Chataigne
  • La Petite Ferme
  • Lynx Wines
  • Four Paws
  • Stony Brook


La Chataigne -  bottle only a fraction of their grapes, making a total of about 15,000 bottles. The grapes are hand selected to create a style of wines that is fresh, fruity, elegant and accessible to both pallet and pocket. The bottles are unique - the front label is written by hand directly onto each and every bottle!

La Petite Ferme - As one of the more intimate wineries in the Cape Winelands, La Petite Ferme takes pride in delicately hand-crafting its wines using time as its artisan, with constant respect for terroir.

Lynx Wines - Lynx Wines are a relatively new vineyard the maiden vintage was 2003 with only 500 cases produced. All grapes are produced on the estate, Dieter the owner spends a lot of time in the vineyards and their computerised moisture monitoring control the key to the quality of the grapes.

Four Paws - The Four Paws team are passionate about their wine, but they are also passionate about animals, particularly cats. They aim to infuse the wines with elegance and balance, the same characteristics shown by a cat as it ambles confidently along a garden wall. 

Stony Brook - Stony Brook Vineyards is a small family-run wine farm in the beautiful Franschhoek valley, only 40 minutes' drive from Cape Town. they concentrates on producing top quality wines that reflect the unique micro climate of this southern-most corner of Franschhoek.


  • Clos Malverne
  • Mulderbosch


Clos Malverne - The Devon Valley microclimate is key to the quality of grapes grown on Clos Malverne. Although the valley is shallow it acts as a natural receptacle for the morning summer mists that linger around Stellenbosch. The valley is cooler than surrounding areas, significantly lengthening the ripening season, resulting in very ripe grapes. The vineyards are mostly planted on the gently sloping terrain of the valley. 

Mulderbosh - Since its founding in 1989, Mulderbosch Vineyards has widely been accepted as one of South Africa’s foremost wine producers. In 2011 Mulderbosch was bought by California-based investment company Terroir Capital with well known wine investor Charles Banks at the helm, who had long desired to invest in the Cape Winelands.

  • Noble Hill


Noble Hill - Noble Hill is an Artisan wine, quality & integrity guaranteed. They are a 30 hectare vineyard and estate winery producing wines that are juicy yet structured, elegant, and above all unique to the place they are made.

  • Star Hill


Star Hill - The Tradouw Highlands is a flat plain, 723m above mean sea level and lies on the northern side of the LangebergMountains. The high altitude, low day temperatures and fertile loam soils make ideal growing conditions for grapes with slow ripening .

  • Barton Estate

Walker Bay

Barton Estate - Set on gentle slopes of the Kogelberg overlooking the Botriver Valley to Walker Bay are Barton’s vineyards, olive groves, essential oil plantations and villas. With its frost-free climate and exposure to the cool sea breezes, it is here on Barton that exceptional award-winning wines are produced.

Cape Agulhas

Black Oystercatcher - At Black Oystercatcher Wines, they produce top quality wines of a world-class standard. The grapes, grown in the cool tip of Africa winds in the Elim wine ward, are smaller than usual – with more intense flavours as a result.


Nabygelegen Winery - Nabygelegen has a very old history of winemaking and the original cellar building dating back to well before its inscribed 1815 gable. Small productions of concentrated wines have already gained critical acclaim confirming their mission to create wines of character and concentration passionately reflecting the terroir.

4 - New Zealand

January and February 2015 we spent 5 lovely weeks in New Zealand we visited several vineyards and now we are very pleased to announce we are stocking white wines from a small winery in the Blenheim area on the South Island.

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Stanley Estate - Bridget & Steve who have created this estate, left the arid landscape of Africa to this premium wine region of Marlborough, where they have set about creating wines that capture the very essence of their many exploits. Pioneering, exciting, vibrant and intense.

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