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Vía Arxéntea - Blanco £15.95

Vía Arxéntea  - Mencia £15.95

 Vía Arxéntea 

-After spending many years working for other wineries in the area around Galicia, Manuel Guerra Justo decided to break away and set up his own bodegas, “Via Arxentea”, literally translated as “ The Silver Route”, the local name for the important pilgrimage route of El Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela. Manuel Guerra is a “Colleitero” and therefore responsible for the entire production cycle, from the care in the vineyard to the winemaking. He is the first to acknowledge that the secret to achieving purity and varietal expression in his wines is in his vineyard management which he attends to personally and pampers vine by vine as if they were his own children, with the sole objective of achieving maximum quality.

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