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At last back in South Africa

On 23rd March 2020, we left Cape Town with great haste and we were very unsure of what was to come. Well, over 580 days later we are back!

The flight from Heathrow was easy you just need to remember to get the Covid test ready for arrivals.

The airports were all spotless and the welcome from everyone is tremendous.

Our first destination is Hermanus to relax and soak up the sun and atmosphere. Of course, there have been a few glasses of Rose consumed.

The Atlantic sea is dynamic, the colours change by the minute - all shades of blue.

Beautiful sunsets

The good news is this Country seems to have survived the turbulent times. Hermanus has taken the quiet time to re-build the High Street and cafe life is thriving here. Locals and now a few tourists are enjoying this vibrant new area of the town.

The flora and fauna in this area are great and diverse.

2 years ago we were reporting on the lack of water as there had been little rainfall. However, this winter has been wet and all the dams are full which is great news for all especially the winegrowers.

Batteries re-charged from the flight tomorrow we start our visits to wineries.

I will be blogging regularly so please keep reading.

It is great to be back.

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