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Lockdown news from Bodegas Via Arxéntea

Bodegas Via Arxéntea owned by Manuel Guerra is situated in the small wine region of Monterrei DO. Vineyards, run south and north of the road where it runs from Madrid to Galicia, close to the Portuguese border.

We have been lucky enough to visit this Artisan vineyard where the family live and make wines. Our visit was great, we were made very welcome and managed to buy their delicious wines even though we spoke no Spanish and they spoke no English!

Here is their news (obtained from a third party due to our lack of Spanish!)


  1. 1. How are you coping with lockdown?

The family has been at home for 10 weeks respecting lockdown.

2. How has lockdown changed your life in the vineyards?

As we belong to the Food and Agriculture sector we are considered ´essential´ and are allowed to work so long as we remain at least 2 metres from other people and comply with other COVID 19 sanitary measures.

3. How you feel the next harvest will be affected by the unprecedented circumstances you have been faced with?

We are a tiny winery with very few vineyards so we are sure the harvest will be in line with previous years. The vineyards are old and we spend a lot of time looking after them. If there are any changes in the harvest it will be caused by bad weather."

Reading this update makes you realise that small is beautiful, the wine made by Manuel is a quality product and we are pleased to be able to stock both varieties made here.

To buy now click below:-

Mencia Red - £15.95

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