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Lockdown news from Château Spencer la Pujade

Château Spencer La Pujade is an Artisan vineyard in the Corbières region of Southern France.

Christopher Spencer from England bought the vineyard in 2007 where he was joined by winemaker Sebastian - their passion for making quality wines makes Spencer wines one of our best selling French wine.

Here is their news :

"During confinement here in France (until May 11), the cave was closed so we missed two months of visitors.

As we are on one of the main roads to the coast, this means we lost a lot of sales.

Obviously all of our restaurant customers are closed and even the wine shops in France were closed also so it has been very difficult and we are down over 70% on normal years. 

One good thing is that our German customers have continued to order, and now our French customers are picking up again.

Restaurants are opening in June so trade will slowly resume. 

Sebastien is working with a skeleton staff, as the work in the vines continues. He's continuing to do posts on Facebook and as you can see, the vines are looking splendid and we have good weather for flowering so it could be a good harvest this year."

Our stock is low at the moment but we can still offer the following wines from this Artisan Vineyard

Le P'tit Envie - £11.95

Le 'R' Rosé - £14.25

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