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Lockdown news from Domaine Treloar

Domaine Treloar have featured on our list for many years.

John and Rachel Hesford have owned the Domaine since 2001.

Their wines are regarded by Jancis Robinson MW, one of Britain's most respected wine critic, as the best in the Roussillon, with eight of the wines currently ranking in her top fifteen.

It has been an interesting time for the Hesford family - like us all, lockdown has meant changes not just at work but in the home as well.

Here is the news from this highly regarded vineyard

"France went into lockdown earlier and harder than the UK on March 18th. People were prevented from leaving their homes without a signed declaration of the purpose, which was limited to essential work, shopping for necessary items, helping a relative or a medical appointment.

Perpignan even enforced a curfew to prevent people walking the streets after 19:00 at night.

Vineyard work was deemed essential, quite rightly.

We were permitted to open to the public under safe conditions but the message about "shopping for necessary items" meant that we had very few customers.

People thought the police would fine them for not buying plonk from their nearest supermarket. We managed to put together a few orders for delivery to nearby towns and villages and have had more internet orders than usual. 

Our other big problem is that there has been about 3 times as much rain as a normal year. There were severe floods in February and another 3 days of downpour in March which has left the vineyards very wet and muddy.

I have got the tractor stuck twice and had to call in a digger to rescue it. As we don't use herbicide in the vineyard rows, the wild plants have been growing like crazy and difficult to keep on top of.

Now we have the threat of downy mildew because of the dampness.

It's been very hectic but the good news is that the vines are healthy and, touch wood, could produce a bigger harvest than usual."

Thanks John

We are fully stocked with Treloar Wines see below for the wines we have in stock

Three Peaks - £14.50

Motus - £16.25

Tahi - £21.25

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