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Silverthorn Winery

Silverthorn Wines is among only a handful of producers who have dedicated their expertise solely to the production of this elegant style of wine. We are a proud member of the Cap Classique Association, an independent organisation which collectively supports and markets Cap Classique wines, and of course a member of the prestigious Cape Winemakers Guild. Silverthorn’s terroir, with its rocky, lime-rich, shale soils similar to the famous Champagne soils in France coupled with our mature Chardonnay vineyards ensure the time is ripe for Silverthorn’s grand entry into the world of sparkling wine.

Wines available @ CDV

We are pleased to say that we soon will be able to offer these lovely wines from Silverthorn Winery. Our order due to the virus is delayed in Cape Town, hopefully restrictions will be removed soon and we will receive the new wines!

The Green Man - out of stock

The Genie - out of stock

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