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'Dont Just Neck It' at we are passionate about selling quality wines which are made with love and care. Wine is to be savored so please follow this Blog promoting - small wine producers and responsible wine drinking!

Remember wine is to be enjoyed so 'Don't Just Neck It' !


Quick question

Why will people pay £8.60 for a mediocre glass of wine in a pub but not be willing to pay a little bit more for a quality bottle to enjoy in their own home?


What happens when you have cats who own 3 winelovers?

You start your own wine label of course!

Individual wines from South Africa
Four Paws Winery Franschhoek

Three Cape Town cats, living a life of luxury with their every whim taken care of by doting owners, found there was something missing - they had everything a cat could wish for but with the exception of one vital Cape ingredient, wine!

Problem solved in 2005 Rob, Gerda and Anne (their owners) started Four Paws winery.

They have been in the wine industry for over 15 years, Gerda an accomplished winemaker, Rob and Anne expertise is in wine exports.

The grapes are sourced from selected suppliers as well as a small volume from the cellar in Franschhoek. Volumes are very small, the best grapes are only used and the whole process of wine-making is overseen by this small team of passionate wine lovers. The make of range of wines all with animal themed names, only 18,000 bottles are produced a year. Sales are directly from the cellar, through local farmers markets and exports to the United Kingdom.

The Four Paws team are passionate about their wine and have won numerous awards, Picatso their dessert wine not only won a Michaelangelo award but also won the trophy for the best dessert wine. They infuse their wines with elegance and balance. Back to cats, they exhibit fine senses and this is what you experience when you see, smell and taste Four Paws wines.

Four Paws is currently assisting the Animal Rescue to collect and care for stray dogs in Franschhoek. They are also looking to support larger feline animals, with possible links to the Leopard Foundation and the purchase of tracking collars for our endangered species.

Individual winemakers with individual stories - no mass producing just wine made with love and care!


Organic Wine - what does this really mean?

We have just asked this question to our producer in Bordeaux Château La Tour Chollet

The answer is yes. Each year, they are audited by an organisation called ECOCERT, who are an international certification body for sustainable development across the globe.

What this means is an annual audit of vineyard and winery, covering everything from which products are used through to packaging and labeling. The principle is one of trace ability – they need to demonstrate end to end what was bought and used, when and where, in what quantities, and also provide evidence all these products are certified organic.

This is the 10th year Chollet have had one of these audits, they find it quite nerve wracking. The audit itself takes around half a day, at the end of which a report is produced, and if there are no outstanding items, a certificate.

Even with the stress this gives the vineyard, they welcome them, there is a requirement to be strict in order to give the consumer the assurance that the farm and wine adhere 100% to the organic rules, with all the benefits that brings, both environmentally and with the wine itself.

In summary Kirstie and Paul welcome the audit so when the consumer sees a bottle with the EcoCert they can enjoy truly organic wine!

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