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Our passion at carte-du-vin is wine and food pairing

Check out our tried and tested recipes, each with a wine recommendation!​

Quick tips

1. Assemble all the ingredients before starting to cook 

2. Always pre-heat your oven in advance

3.Keep tasting and adjust seasonings as you go along.

  • Asparagus Tart with Brie & Black Olive Dressing : V

    I make this tart in May when you can get fresh British aparagus it makes an impressive starter but also can be served with salad for a Summer lunch

    2 Hours

    6 Servings as a starter

  • Bacon & Olive Apéritif Cake from Madame Brigandat

    I was given this recipe from Madam Brigandat one day when we were at their Champagne House. and is perfect with early evening drinks!

    50 Minutes

    6-8 Servings

  • Date & Walnut Goat’s Cheese Crostini

    Great for a starter but also serves with canapes by making small crostini’s cut out of sliced bread

    40 mins

    8 servings

  • Duck Liver Terrine

    Thank you Werner the Chef at Mo and Rose Guest House South Africa for this lovely paté recipe

    2hrs 45 mins plus 2 hrs chilling time

    8 servings

  • Goat’s Cheese Crostini Salad with Roast Grapes and Walnuts -V

    This recipe makes a lovely starter, a Summer salad or the crostini’s on their own great for parties.

    30 mins


  • Goat’s Cheese Potatoes in their Jackets - V

    These potatoes are great for a lunch time but also use smaller potatoes and use as a canape

    1hr 30 mins


  • Goat’s Cheese, Parma Ham & Beetroot Salad

    This is a very quick and easy starter, because of the beetroot and white cheese is a show-stopper

    15 mins


  • Mushrooms in Sherry

    Again this is an old favourite perfect topping for crostini or just on toast for a snack supper

    25 mins

    4 - 6 servings

  • Pea & Gorgonzola Panna Cotta

    This is a simple starter which can be enjoyed with smoked meat of fish or just by itself with the meat of fish as a garnish

    5 hours (allow at least 4 hrs to set)

    8 – 10

  • Pork Apricot & Pistachio Terrine

    Terrines look amazing, they can be eaten with an aperitif, but they are more substantial than a pâté enjoy on a picnic or perfect for a summer lunch dish.

    1.5 hr + marinade overnight & cool for 8 hrs

    6 - 8 servings

  • Potato, Dill & Prawn Tortilla

    Simple and tasty describes this dish

    40 mins

    6 - 8 servings

  • Prawn & Smoked Salmon Stack

    This is such an easy starter looks good and tastes delicious

    45 minutes


  • Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Pâté

    Great served on its own as a starter or on mini pitta breads for a canape.

    40 mins


  • Salmon Mousse Cups

    Ideal canape on a Summers day

    1 hour

    8-10 servings

  • Simply Scrumptious Prawn Cocktail

    ​​Nothing new here just a traditional prawn cocktail it has been popular since the ‘60’s and still being enjoyed so why change it!

    30 mins

    4 -6

  • Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes with Herb Sauce

    Serve as a main course or as a canape with the herb sauce used to dip and dunk

    1 hr + 1 hour to chill the cakes

    6 servings

  • Smoked Salmon Appetiser

    A delicious easy canape, you can make the rectangles smaller as easier to eat with a glass of sparkles!

    40 minutes

    Serves 6-8

  • Stilton & Chutney Rarebit Bites

    This is a lovely snack supper or serve with canapes

    20 mins

    6 servings

  • Zucchini & Cream Cheese Rolls - V

    Great vegetarian canape perhaps change the chopped vegetables to red pepper to give it more colour

    30 mins

    Serves 4-6

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