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Lockdown news from Bodegas David Moreno

Updated: May 28, 2020

Rioja is one of the most beautiful and welcoming areas of Spain

Bodegas David Moreno wins many awards from the Spanish Tourist board, the tour round the Bodegas is brilliant, very informative and fun because you end up in the tasting room where you have the opportunity to taste the Moreno range of wines accompanied by choritzo and cheese.

Tourism is very important here - please read how they are coping with lockdown

"In the winery there has been work all the time during this lockdown. We did not stop. The activity has been based specially in the private customers orders. And these orders have been daily and many!

We are very much focused in wine tourism, and here we have been stopped completely. We have not been able to welcome anyone in the winery for visits or lunches. We hope we are able to re start these visits in summer.

When it comes to the vineyards, David Moreno has guaranteed to all our grape suppliers that we will buy it as usual.

And in our own vineyards we are going now to some work in order to keep preparing the plants for the harvest. Now it is time to cut the extrems of the branches in order to make more effective for the plant the use of the nutrients.

If we do not get hard and exceptional weather conditions, we will have a big volume of grapes this year.

In the exportation department, the sales have been affected by the lockdown and the lack of activity in gastronomy. But lucky us there are some of our importers (like Carte du Vin), making a nice job among their private clients.

And now, if things still developing this way, with the re opening of bars and restaurants in Europe and arround the globe, we will be preparing lots of new orders soon."

Thanks so much Rafa for the update.

We look forward to sampling the new vintages - once we can visit of course!

Luckily we restocked at the end of last year!

Here is a list of Moreno wines still available.

Rosado - £10.95

Blanco - £10.75

Crianza - £13.50

Reserva - £14.50

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