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Lockdown news from Domaine Berthet Rayne

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

A famous saying in our house is

"You can't go wrong with a Côtes du Rhône" and wines from Domaine André Berthet Rayne prove this is true.

The Domaine has been in the same family for 5 generations situated on the outskirts of Cairanne, the farm is an area of 30 hectares and organic. In 2016 Cairanne Village was elevated to 'Cru' Status

Alexandra has sent us this message

"Here, the business was really slow during the lockdown. But, we had plenty of work in the vineyard.

We took the opportunity to create a nice vegetable garden during the weekend!

For the moment the vineyard is really nice. We wait for the flowering and we hope we will have a nice harvest.

Last week we had some rains but now the weather is perfect : sun and wind so there is no humidity."

Luckily in France the lockdown was at a quiet time in the vineyard and the whole family are very hands on with the day to day upkeep of the vines.

Our stock is low but we can still offer the following wines for immediate delivery

Rubis 2013 - £22.25

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