Prawn & Smoked Salmon Stack

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This is such an easy starter, looks good and tastes delicious


Oven temperature



  1. Use rings 7cm diameter x 3.5cm depth approx 

  2. Chop fresh dill 

  3. Mix mayonnaise, crème fraiche and most of dill together add a little seasoning if you like. 

  4. Dry prawns on kitchen roll and chop a little if using large prawns – keep a few by to decorate the stacks 

  5. It is easiest at this stage to put the rings on the plates you will be serving the starter on 

  6. Line the base of rings with layer of salmon, put a layer of prawn mayonnaise mix on top 

  7. Repeat the above 2 layers and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving. 

  8. Remove rings carefully and decorate with dill/prawns/lemon slices 

Cooks tips

If possible leave longer than 30 minutes in the fridge as the stack will be easier to take out of the ring.

Serve with

Thin slices of buttered wholemeal bread

Wine pairing

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HERBS (2).jpg


  • 275g prawns 

  • 275g Smoked Salmon 

  • 125ml Mayonnaise 

  • 125ml Crème Fraiche 

  • Fresh Dill 

  • Seasonings 

  • Rocket leaves 

  • Lemon 


Prawn & Smoked Salmon Stack

45 minutes