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Tropical Fruit Trifle

45 minutes

8 servings


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45 minutes

Cherry Tarts


Trifle is always a lovely dessert try this version as a refreshing change to a traditional one

Oven temperature




  1. Peel and chop the pineapple into small cubes

  2. Halve the passion fruit and scoop out the pulp and seeds and put them into a bowl.


  1. Heat the grill to a high temperature and put the pineapple chunks onto a baking tray – grill until charred turn regularly. Allow cooling

  2. Heat the ginger wine for 5 mins to a simmer to cook off some of the alcohol. Allow cooling

  3. Crumble the cake into 8 dessert glasses and push down to the bottom of the container.

  4. Pour ginger wine into each glass and allow it to soak the cake

  5. Put the charged pineapple on top and chill in the refrigerator.

  6. Drain the mango and blend in a processor until smooth add Crème de Pêches liqueur to taste

  7. Whisk the cream into soft peaks and gently fold in half the pulp and seeds of passion fruit.

  8. Now in each bowl layer custard, then mango purée and finally passion fruit cream and finally the second half of the pulp and seeds of passion fruit.

  9. Chill for a least an hour but even better assemble 8 hours in advance for all the flavours to develop.

Cooks tips

For this dessert, I buy both the cake and a good quality shop custard. If you are serving to children perhaps replace the ginger wine with the syrup from the mango.

Serve with

Nothing is needed for this dessert!

Other recipe ideas

Wine pairing


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Vegetarian information

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Cherry Tarts


1 Small pineapple

150ml ginger wine

200g Ginger Cake

850g mango slices in syrup

300ml double cream

4 passion fruits

400ml custard

Crème de Pêches liqueur (optional)

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