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Marinated Roast Leg of Lamb

marinade overnight if possible - approx 1 hr depending how rare

6 servings


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Sunset Dinner


This recipe says cook in the oven but it can be put on the BBQ. – Bash the meat with a meat hammer or rolling pin. We are still old school and have a charcoal BBQ so I cook the lamb for 20 minutes in a hot oven then finish off on the BBQ.

Oven temperature

Pre-heat oven 200°c fan 180°c – 400°f – Reg 6


  1. Take rosemary leaves off stalks

  2. Peel garlic and chop into strips

  3. With sharp knife make incisions in lamb fat and put garlic and rosemary in

  4. Put in bowl and add red wine, marinate for as long as you can overnight is best.

  5. Put marinated lamb in baking tray with some oil and a little of red wine and cook

  6. Rare 25 mins per pound, medium 35 mins per pound allow to rest for 30 minutes once out of oven.

  7. While the lamb is cooking make gravy by frying onion until soft add flour to make a roux then add wine from marinade, lamb stock and seasoning to taste

Cooks tips

Marinading overnight improves this dish and brings out the lamb flavours so well. If having a BBQ I don’t make a gravy just serve the new potatoes with lashings of melted butter

Serve with

fresh runner beans, new potatoes laced with butter

Wine pairing


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Vegetarian information
Sunset Dinner


  • Boned Leg of Lamb

  • Rosemary

  • Garlic

  • Bottle of red wine

  • Seasoning

  • Onion sliced and chopped

  • 1 tab of plain flour

  • Lamb stock

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