Wild Mushroom Parcels V


4 servings

Sunset Dinner


Intro – Great vegetarian dish which is enjoyed by everyone – remember to let everyone know that they are parcels in paper and not filo pastry!
Wine –


Oven temperature

Pre-heat oven 200°c fan 180°c – 400°f – Reg 6


  1. Wipe clean all mushroom with a cloth, leave in large pieces

  2. Leave skin on potatoes chop into chunks and cook until tender

  3. Mix all chopped herbs, olive oil, cream and sherry together add mushrooms and carefully coat each one so not to break them up.

  4. Add seasoning to taste

  5. Divide the mixture between paper sheets. Scrunch together and tie to fully seal.

  6. Put on baking sheet and cook for approx. 15 minutes.

  7. Serve still in paper parcels.

Cooks tips

When cooking the potatoes add a stock cube it gives them more taste

Serve with

egg rice dish even add some extra veg.

Wine pairing

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Sunset Dinner


  • 300g mixed wild/exotic mushroom

  • 300g baby button mushroom

  • 200g baby new potatoes

  • 3 Garlic cloves

  • 4 tabs Chervil

  • 6 tabs Tarragon

  • Olive Oil

  • Double cream

  • 2tblspns Dry Sherry

  • Seasonings