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157 days on - Update on Lockdown & how our producers faired?

Who would have thought when I started blogging at the end of March - the world would still be in turmoil 157 days later!

We have had a couple of updates since my last blog

The South African wine industry has suffered badly - as once Lockdown hit, their Government stopped the sale of all alcohol. Luckily sales are now allowed again but the industry has been effected and we hope that soon tourism will start again.


Lynx Winery

"Helgard the winemaker at Lynx has just advised us that he is leaving to join a winery in Durbanville.

We will be sorry to see him go - he was trained by the previous owner and when the winery was bought a couple of years ago the quality of the wine stayed constant.

We are hopefully going to SA next year on our annual tasting trip and will visit here and see how the wines are tasting and buy accordingly.


News from French Vineyards

"Here, things have been better from last few weeks.

This summer we had more french tourists than usual and almost everyday we have few people coming to taste and buy wine at the vineyard.

We are going to start the harvest next Tuesday with the white grapes (viognier, roussanne, marsanne) and rosé wine after.

We have a team of picker from the area. We take a service provider that take care of finding a team."


We are low on wines from David Moreno and as we cannot visit the Bodegas this year we have just placed an order to replenish our stock.

Delivery should be here in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading the Blog I will update our news regularly and of course any further news I get from the producers .

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