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Back in South Africa at Noble Hill

We are looking forward to a busy couple of days.

It has been 18 months since we have been in the Cape. The last time was March 2020 when we had to dash home and it seemed for a while our visits to South Africa were just a memory.

Then SA came off the red list so we were able to travel.

This is a whistlestop trip and we have 7 vineyards to visit in 2 days so we leave Peter Falke and make our way along the R44 to Noble Hill Winery.

Kristopher is the owner here and we arrange to meet him for lunch. His house is built at the top of the Estate and enjoys views over the vines and down to the winery ( see the video I took whilst we were enjoying lunch on his stoop!)

Over the past year, the team here have worked extremely hard and are now proud to say the conversion to certified organic growing is complete this means that they are using only certified organic fertilisers, and employing additional workers in the vineyards to clear weeds without using any herbicides.

It has been a difficult time but Kristopher and Kathleen have managed to keep all the staff employed, although hours have been cut back - all the staff still have a job.

The restaurant Cosecha specialises in Fresh Latin cooking and has been open only at the weekends but hopefully, now international travel is returning they will be back to normal trading hours.

We had a great lunch and enjoyed a tasting. This is the first time we have sampled their new wine Field Atlas which is a blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Viognier it has been awarded 4.5 stars - 93 points in Platter's South African Wine Guide. A great wine and we will soon be able to offer it here in the UK

Check out here the wines we have in stock at present.

Bloem White -£10.50

Sauvignon Blanc - £12.99

Sur lie Chenin - £12.99

Viognier - £14.95

Bloem Red - £9.99

Syrah - £12.99

Merlot - £14.75

Watch this space as soon The Field Atlas will be available!

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