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Cape Town - City Life

After a great flight from Heathrow - Thank you BA - we arrive in Cape Town and pick up a car and then make our way into the centre to one our favourite places to stay Dewent House Boutique Hotel. It is great to be back and the welcome is as always very warm.

A quick lunch stop at The Black Sheep in Kloof Street for a delicious snack - then off for a relaxing afternoon by a pool.

We have been invited tonight to a wine tasting in the Centre of town at Culture Wine Bar. Matt Manning is the owner and renowned chef from London and now Cape Town. He is one of our customers in the UK and is a lover of both Silverthorn and Genevieve bubbles!

A quick glass with Matt tasting one of his house wines -they have spent time making a range of wines for the bar which is priced competitively and undoubtedly a quality product.

Then we have been invited to join a tutored tasting hosted by Paul Wallace Wines from Elgin. Paul's son presented 6 of the wines made at the vineyard - all were delicious and it was obvious that they have been crafted with great skill and passion.

After the tasting, we enjoyed a meal in the restaurant in the club called Grub and Vine. My choice of cauliflower risotto was perfect - so tasty and definitely hit the spot!

Thank you Matt again for inviting us to your bar (@mattmainningchef)

We really enjoyed our first day here and city life is undoubtedly full-on but this is a vibrant city and well worth the visit!

Cape Town at night

Day 2 and we are off to find the house we have rented in Paarl for the duration of our stay in ZA.

Firstly we stop off for lunch at Lust Bistro - my favourite wine here is The Jess a salmon-coloured Rose. This may be added to our list - we just need to have a chat with Vrede en Lust whose tasting room is next door to the Bistro!

We have been to lunch here many times and are never disappointed - it is a busy restaurant with a deli attached and seems to be a place that local South Africans frequent to catch up, have a chat and enjoy a glass!

Off to our house now to unpack and plan the rest of our trip!

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