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Day 10 - A Vineyard With a Fizz

Saturday is sparkles day for us.

Bot Rivier is the appellation we are heading for.

Genevieve MCC wines were new to us last year - we just bought a few cases of their Blanc de Blanc and Rosé to see if our UK customers liked them when sampled.

It was a resounding ‘Yes’.

Saturday lunchtime we are sitting with Melissa the owner and her husband Leon, enjoying a lesson in food and wine pairing!

Customers who know us realise this is also a passion of mine pairing delicious simple food with outstanding wine.

With the Blanc de Blanc we were treated to mozzarella, oil, lemon and slivers of chilli. So simple but paired beautifully with the white sparkles.

This was followed by herb-coated lamb chops with orzo and bean salad. Again simple but enhanced by both the white and rosé MCC's.

Thank you Melissa I will do my best to replicate these once I am back home in the UK!

MCC is made via the same method as champagne and these South African wines have delicious subtle flavours - you are not just drinking bubbles but there are undertones of strawberries etc.

We are so glad to have found this vineyard - Melissa is a talented winemaker and is being recognised here in South Africa as a lady who can make a top MCC regularly getting over 4 stars in Platters Guide.

Saturday lunchtime doesn’t get better than this - friends, food and fabulous fizz.

Fingers crossed Melissa is hoping to come to UK this year and will visit carte-du-Vin and talk at one of our tastings

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Andras Huber
Andras Huber
Apr 27, 2023

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