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Day 11 - A Vineyard From An Artist

We are in Stellenbosch following a customer’s recommendation.

Carrol Boyes is a well-known artist in South Africa - unfortunately, she has passed away but her name is still synonymous with high-quality, unique, quirky and collectable pieces that can be used every day and she was also a great champion of women’s rights.

This is her history but she also has a range of wines. The labels are all in the distinctive style of her paintings. In fact, they are copies of her art with the colours slightly tweaked to reflect the wine in the bottle!

We meet Gina and Neels who, since Carol's demise have taken over the management of her range of wines and other attendant merchandise.

We sample the wines and have a great time chatting and sorting out all the problems in the world today.

It is amazing how wise one can be after a glass of wine!

This wine is very good and has a lovely story behind the label.

We are still to decide whether we will add it to our portfolio.

Watch this space.

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