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Day 13 - A Vineyard with great style.

Last evening we had friends staying from our village in the UK.

It was lovely to see them and introduce newbies to the South African way of life.

Friends enjoying the wonderful South African countryside

We part company and they make their way to one of our favourite Hotels Vredenberg Manor and we go in the opposite direction to Noble Hill winery.

Again Noble Hill was one of the first wineries we bought from in 2010. It remains our best seller and now has a loyal following of customers in the UK.

Today we sit outside in the tasting area and Kristopher, the winemaker and owner, is here to greet us.

He is very relaxed as the last grapes were harvested yesterday which is very early and has been possible due to the very hot weather during December. We spend a short while tasting new vintages and catching up with news on the farm.

They are very proud to be certified as 100% organic and are following a regenerative farming philosophy. There’s no strict rule book to this, but the holistic principles behind the dynamic system of regenerative agriculture are meant to restore soil and ecosystem health, address inequity, and leave the land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations.

We tour the cellar and see all the different methods used to make the grapes into wine from Concrete tanks to 'Eggs' through to Oak Ageing. Kristopher is the chef here! Once the juice is ready for blending he will decide what is required to enhance their quality. No two years are the same and this is where his skills really show.

The tour finished we moved to the restaurant Cosecha and settle down to enjoy a mixed platter washed down with Noble Hill Viognier.

The sun is shining and all is well in the world!


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