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Exploring the Award-Winning Wines of Silverthorn Wine Estate in South Africa 2024

Perfection is sitting on the stoep drinking a glass of Silverthorn CC watching the sun set over the Breed River!

How lucky are we?

The answer to that is we have been invited to join Karen and John Loubser for supper at their wine farm just outside the town of Robertson.

Silverthorn, one of our favourite Cap Classique wines, is produced by John. He was general manager at Steenberg for many years before choosing, in 2017, to take on an even bigger challenge of establishing and building the Silverthorn brand.

Silverthorn Farm is situated on the Breede River and was originally bought by Karen’s family in 1976. In 1999, however, John and Karen took it over. They re-zoned the farm from agricultural to industrial use and the result was their magnificent cellar and tasting room.

We arrive with a friend of ours from the UK at 6:00 pm - both John and Karen are there to meet us and we visit first the cellar where all the grapes have been harvested and some are already bubbling away in barrels. We also taste 3 different juices from the steel tanks - each glass has been fermenting for approximately a week longer than the other. It was so interesting to see how fruit juice gradually changes and by the third glass, you can start to detect the subtle change from cloudy fruit juice to a liquid starting to take on the characteristics of wine.

Since our visit last year, they have completely renovated the old family home into a luxurious two-bedroom cottage. The house is beautifully decorated and the view over the river is something special.

We all relocate to the stoep in the main house where of course we enjoy some bubbles!

Perfection in a glass
A glass of The Genie

We stock 3 varieties of CC from Silverthorn

In honour of our interconnectedness with nature.

Half human, half nature, the Green Man is an ancient mythical figure representing the spirit of the forest, the continuous regeneration of life and the interdependence of all things.

It is this spirit, as well as the delicate green hue of Silverthorn’s Chardonnay Cap Classique

Magic in the bottle!

Richly entwined in Persian folklore, Genies are best described as free-willed spirits formed from smokeless fire.

Embracing the free-willed spirit of the Genie, they have opted for something far more daring and exotic and used Shiraz, an ancient grape variety, originating from Persia.

Jewel Box

“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.”

The Crux is a fascinating deep-sky object known as Kappa crucis. Regarded as one of the finest open clusters in the Milky Way galaxy, it was discovered in South Africa in 1751. Kappa Crucis took its nickname “Jewel box” it is referred to it as a “casket of variously coloured precious stones.”

This wine has an emphasis on richness, opulence and complexity. The inspiration for this style comes from John’s all-time favourite Champagnes namely, Krug and Bollinger.

What fun to sit with a glass of bubbles in hand, enjoying great food and company.

Silverthron winery at night
Sunset at Silverthorn

A big 'Thank You to John and Karen'' for giving us such a memorable evening.



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