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Lockdown News from Stony Brook

Updated: May 22, 2020

As promised here is the 1st update on how the lockdown is effecting wineries.

Todays post has been received from Craig McNaught.

Who is joint owner and winemaker at Stony Brook Winery in Franschhoek

"My hope is that the 2021 Stony Brook harvest won’t be affected too badly, if at all. We have put in a huge amount of work, albeit with a severely reduced staff contingent – at times with just my father and myself in the vineyards – to ensure that we are able to get the vines ready for next year.

That said, it has been a very trying time; not just for Stony Brook, but for the industry as a whole.

Our core team is working from home as much as possible, processing international sales and getting our 2018 reds and some 2019 whites ready for bottle early next month.

All, by the way, are looking fantastic – I cannot wait to release them in to the wild.

With no domestic wine sales allowed in South Africa, I’m not sure how and if many wineries will survive this, should the status quo be observed for much longer.

We are, however, optimistic that we will be able to resume sales in the coming weeks and the loyal Stony Brook following will show their support as soon as they can!"

At carte-du-vin we are waiting for a delivery of wine from South Africa it should be with us next month.

In the meantime we still have stock of The J 2016 @ £13.75

and Ghost Gum White 2016 @ £15.95

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